Day two

For those living vicariously through me,  yesterday I had a cherry coke, a bowl and 1/2 of Cookie Crisp cereal (not something I get to eat often as sugary cereals only come home from the store once in a blue moon), a yummy little cherry cheesecake made by Kendra and since that was small, some yummy orange cake made by Kim (or Aubrey).  I washed those down with a Fanta Orange.  Our small group snack offerings last night looked like the dessert bar at the Golden Corral. It certainly made it easy for me to fulfill my quota!

I was also told by someone in our small group that I shouldn’t follow the diet because it would doom me to certain failure on the test.  It was awful nice of him to be concerned, but I kind of think he was just a little jealous 🙂

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