Kaleidoscopes of Color

Fall is my favorite season.  I love the crisp, cool air and changing of the leaves.  I was driving down Ridge Road the other day after the women’s conference and the sunlight was playing through the trees which had finally burst into color.  The song ‘How Great is Our God’ was playing and I couldn’t help but agree.  

Things have been very busy lately so I’ve been anxious to check some things off my to do list and the conference was one of them.  We had been talking, planning and getting ready for it for months and I admit that I was a little nervous about how it would turn out.  I wanted the women to enjoy themselves and feel like they were getting special treatment.  I also wanted it to affect them in a very real way.  So on Friday and Saturday, I attended looking through two sets of eyes.  With the first, I looked through the eyes of a planner – did everything look okay, was there enough to eat and drink, was everyone talking to someone?  And you know what – the answer was yes.  And because the answer was yes, I was able to relax and actually look through my other set of eyes as an attendee.  And God had some things for me to see through our speaker, Deborah. 

She talked about her daughter, Joy, who is disabled, and the lessons God had taught her through Joy.  She also talked about a recent occurrence in her life that involved bringing her mother-in-law to live with them.  Most of you know that my MIL lives with us and some of you know what a struggle it has been for me.  God has taught me a lot and without getting into details, I will say that I have always fast forwarded in my my mind to a time past her being with us and thinking how God could use me to minister to others in a similar situation.  I don’t feel like an effective witness in that area now because it’s still too close and the struggle is still too great.  But Deborah talked about the Israelites and how God lead them out of Egypt and how when He parted the Red Sea for them to pass, they sang His praises after they were safe on the other side.  Deborah challenged us to sing on this side of the Sea, knowing that God will provide and not waiting for Him to provide before we sing His praise.  I don’t think a Naomi/Ruth relationship will happen overnight, but for my part, I will try to sing a little more and doubt a little less.

All that’s to say that, to me, the conference was a success.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I especially enjoyed working with a great team of women whose gifts and talents were like the brilliant colors of a kaleidoscope, all coming together in the end to make a beautiful picture in the hands of the Master.


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  1. Posted by Bunny on November 5, 2007 at 2:49 pm

    And the Master’s Hands were truly on our conference! So many ladies at church said the conference was exceptional and one even said it was absolutely perfect! She said everyone felt treated in a very special way.Even on the team I felt very special just being a part of all of it! It was fabulous! Deborah,our speaker sent an email stating how special she felt and how much she enjoyed the CATR women and felt that she left there with some new and dear friends!
    How great is our God? Incredibly and trememdously great!!!!!


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