And you thought there wouldn’t be anything new here today 🙂  Why would you when there hasn’t been in over two weeks?  I don’t know why I haven’t put anything new up – I’ve started several posts.  It’s not as if I haven’t had anything to talk about.  Since I last wrote on the 15th, I’ve celebrated Thanksgiving – which I love,  gotten a year older – which I don’t, chalked up another year of being married to the man of my dreams – that’s 15 now, and started getting ready for Christmas.

So I guess I’ve had plenty to talk about, just not enough time.  There’s so much swirling around up there, it’s hard to focus on one thing for very long.  For instance, right now I am thinking of my grocery list and how I would rather stay home tonight and enjoy the newly decorated tree instead of getting all those groceries. 

I’m also thinking about the three Christmas parties for things that the kids are involved in that I just realized fall on three consecutive days.  These are followed by Christmas with my dad’s side of the family the next day. Now, this sounds like a lot of fun.  And it will be.  I love Christmas parties – I’m not an otter for nothing!  However, the reality of taking all five kids and their goodies and waddling along after them makes me want to lay my head down on this desk and take a nap! I wonder if it’s too late to have Bill switch his vacation 🙂

So forgive me for being neglectful – I’ve missed you out there!  My goal is to post something new each day until Christmas – or baby – whichever comes first, because I feel much lighter after writing this.  I’ve given these thoughts a new place to roam.  Now to wrangle up some more for tomorrow…


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by scrabblenut on December 5, 2007 at 10:26 am

    Nice to have you back. 🙂


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