I’m stealing a minute while Bill is picking Katelyn up from a sleepover to blog.  We are working on cleaning and organizing our room from top to bottom for our newest occupant.  We (read Bill & Katelyn) are also going to paint either today or tomorrow.  We have to go to dinner with Bill’s co-workers for their Christmas party tonight, so I don’t know if it will be today.  Part of me wants to skip the party and finish the room, but the other part is glad to have a reason to have to stop.  I can’t handle marathon cleaning days right now!  I’m also looking forward to going out with my hubby.  We’ve been so busy lately it will be nice to have a minute to talk.

 I’m really excited to finally be getting this project done.  I’ve been like a mother bird without a place to put her babies.  We’re also going to buy a bassinet/pack-n-play for the baby using gift cards so graciously given to us by our wonderful small group and hospitality team.  Dayleigh is still in the crib, so this will be perfect for now.  Hopefully after the first of the year we can tackle a bigger project and finish the upstairs room for Dayleigh and eventually the baby.  I’ll miss her sweet, smiling face in the morning, saying Mama from her crib, but it will be nice to have a master bedroom to ourselves again.  It’s been a long time 🙂


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