Great gift for toddlers

Let me start by saying that I don’t advocate parking kids in front of the TV as a babysitter on a regular basis.   However, when you have an active toddler and you get to that part of the day around 4 or 5 when naptime is a distant memory and bedtime is a ways away, sometimes you need a little help.  Especially when you are trying to cook dinner 🙂  A while back, a friend recommended a DVD series to me called PraiseBaby.  There are several titles in the collection, including a new Christmas one.  They combine praise and worship songs with images of children & animals,  everyday objects and cute animations.  Dayleigh loves them.  The funny thing is that the older kids love them, too.  Most of the time they come sit and unwind, too.  And you know that means that I love it!  No annoying character songs that get stuck in your head – just pure praise that lifts the spirit. 

 We’ve only had the first title – Praises and Smiles –  for a long time, but Dayleigh never grows tired of it.  In fact she’ll burst out with her rendition of “Holy, Holy, Holy” at odd times.  Of course, it sounds like “Ho-dy, Ho-dy, Ho-dy” because she hasn’t quite gotten her L’s yet.   We just recently bought the Christmas one, which is great because it includes a reading of the Christmas story.  She’ll be getting another regular one for Christmas.   I’m excited about this one because it has some of my favorite songs on it.  That will give us a nice variety.

 So,  if you know a toddler, pick up one for their mom today 🙂  It’s a great gift!  or  – I usually buy mine at Lemstone with a good coupon 🙂


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