Cereal for Dinner

Well, we did get almost all of the wrapping done yesterday.  My mom has the week off and she came and took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for the afternoon, which allowed us to pull everything out and get it wrapped in peace 🙂  Yes, she is a brave woman. 

When they came home, they wanted to help wrap other gifts.  Bill & Katelyn had to go to dress rehearsal for Imagine Christmas, so it was just me and them.  My back was hurting in places I didn’t know I had!  So when I started thinking about dinner, I was looking for simple.  I asked the kids for suggestions and they voted on cereal.  With a twinge of guilt, I relented and that’s what we had.  I didn’t feel too bad because they had been gone having fun all day, had a hot meal for lunch and were thrilled to be allowed to have cereal at night.  I also didn’t feel too bad because we made it the entire week without picking something up for dinner.  Yay!


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