Christmas Kittens

If you are looking for THE gift for your kids or know someone who is, we’ve got them and they’re free.  They are  very kid-tolerant, litter trained, and lots of fun.  They are three months old now, so they’re more like teen kits, but still pass for kittens.  We have four – three girls and a boy.  I will post a picture if I can, but you are welcome to come see them in person.  In fact I recommend it! 

If you take one, or refer someone who does, I have a basement full of new Southern Living at HOME stuff that you (and they) can pick from 🙂  Bribery is not beneath me at this point.  We will have to take them somewhere after Christmas, and since we’ve gotten to know them so well, we would rather them go where we know they will get a good home. 

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