Life after baby

Sadie will be two weeks old tomorrow, which is hard to believe.  We have been trying to retake the house from the Christmas decorations, laundry, and general disarray.  I have this insatiable urge to clean out everything.  I thought it might be leftover ‘nesting instinct’, but it seems to be a popular feeling right now according to other blogs I’ve read and others I’ve talked to. 

First up will have to be the garage.  If you have dropped by our house in the last week or so and have come in via the garage door – I am sorry.  I try not to leave it open, but when the kids are out playing on their scooters, it would be kind of weird to close it (although I did one day when I knew someone was coming over – sorry kids.)  I don’t know how it got so messy. I guess since we’ve been busy, things have just gotten ‘dumped’ there  (dump is an accurate word for it.)  The kids have also been playing a lot out front and for some reason they think it’s okay to play with everything in the garage – except the toys.

My natural personality is not an organized one – hello otter!  However, having several kids has made me treasure organization – it’s the only way to survive with your sanity. I’m actually quite good at it, when I have the time and there lies the problem.  Not anymore, though, because I’ve moved it to the front burner.

Before Bill goes back to work it (the garage) will be cleaned!  This will be step one in my ‘retake the house’ plan.  Step two coming soon…

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