A Humbling Experience

Yesterday Bill left us on our own to go back to work 😦   We had an interesting day in which I accomplished nothing I set out out to do, but a couple of things that I didn’t.  The only two goals I had were to clean out the kids school stuff so we could start fresh for the second semester and to hook up the new computer to the internet.  I started with the internet, but when it was clear that I was going to have to make some decisions (like paying $50 for a wireless adapter or just having internet upstairs for now) I abandoned that task for others more manual-labor oriented. 

 I was going to start on the kids stuff, but got side-tracked by Katelyn, who was cleaning her bathroom.  She has had five kittens living in her room, with their litter box and food in her bathroom for the past few months.  We are down to two kittens, one that we are keeping and one we still need to find a home for, so it was time to totally sanitize the bathroom and integrate them into whole-house living.  Since I’ve been PG for the last nine months, I haven’t had to deal with cat droppings 🙂 which has been nice.  However, I’ve been itching to get in her bathroom and clean it out.  She had made a good start, but if you have teens you know that they aren’t always detail oriented when it comes to cleaning, so I had to jump in and ‘help’ .  She was relieved because it was really getting down to the nitty-gritty.  There was litter in every crevice and corner.  The mop had broken, so she was using the mop-head and scrubbing on her hands and knees.  I did the crevices and the toilet and together we managed to restore it all to it’s former shining glory.  Kneeling down at the white throne sure does put things in perspective.  We were talking about pride at small group this week and I was pondering that as I was squatting there, cleaning every nook & cranny.  Next up will be to clean out her room and shampoo the carpets.  She’s wanting to redecorate.  I think she deserves it after having her room taken over by the kittens.  It sound like a lot of fun (and it is) but they are thorough in their monopolization of anything human (including sleep).  They have essentailly made her room into one giant cat toy.  Besides, she’s paying for it with her own money 🙂

After that, I had to sit down for a minute (my knees!),  so I ended up putting the 100+ pictures I just developed into little albums ( I used a neat idea I saw in Southern Living – I’ll have to blog on it later) We had accumulated a bunch with birthdays, Christmas, New baby and kittens, so I was glad to get that done before they ended up in a pile on my desk!

As for the kids, we never did clean out their cubbies.  I was wiped out and had to make dinner (my first in a while!) I was just happy to have survived the day until Bill got home –  the garage door never sounded so good! So cubbies will be the first task for today – which I should go do now while the baby is sleeping instead of sitting here writing about it!


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