Happy Birthday, Peyton!

Today our only son turned 6.  He is such a funny personality. He is a study in opposites.  He’s pretty quiet around other people, but at home he couldn’t be more different.  He talks nonstop. And his room is over our bathroom and once he literally shook the ceiling off.  Actually it was the light cover in the ‘water closet’ – thankfully no one was using it 🙂 

He is very observant about everything around him and surprises me with what he hears when you think he is not paying attention.  Yet I can tell him 3 times to pick up his dirty clothes and he still won’t ‘hear’ me. 

He is always asking for something – ‘can I have a snack?’, ‘can I have a drink?’, ‘can I pick something from the prize box?’, but he is so thoughtful and generous. He takes the envelopes from the mail and makes cards to give to us. 

We keep it pretty simple on their birthdays.  They can choose dinner and dessert and we usually have the grandparents over.  He’ll have some friends over later this week.

For dinner he chose take-out pizza from Stevi B’s and make-your-own banana splits for dessert.  Works for me!

He got a new bike from us.  He has long since outgrown his old one.  He’s very excited to try it outdoors, so I hope we have some sunshine tomorrow.  Everything else he got from other people had to do with cars and money – his two favorite things.  Should I be worried?

His sister gave him a homemade card that said “Happy Birthday, Peyton.  Now you are going to lose a tooth.”  It was very cute.

His other sister gave him one that had a picture of her and him together, except she had no legs and no mouth.  I guess she was in a hurry, because she definitely has a mouth 🙂

We are thankful to have him in our family.  It was a good day, but now I am exhausted.  Much like I was six years ago today 🙂


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