Big Changes part 2 – Detours

Picking up where we left off… If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you might remember a post back in October called Fork in the Road.  It was a vague post about coming to a fork in the road and choosing between two different paths.  Well there was actually a very specific story behind it that I wasn’t at liberty to share at the time.  In October a couple of things happened within a day of each other. 

 Bill had gotten a call from a guy we’ll call Brett that he had talked with at another bank about a position several months ago.  That didn’t pan out at the time (thankfully) and Brett left that bank and had recently signed on with a new bank that was looking for managers to build it  from the ground up.  Brett had kept Bill’s name & number and gave him a call to see if he was interested.   At the time Bill was driving over an hour to the branch he managed.  He had been wanting to move to a branch closer to home, but none were available.  So he would get up at 5:30 and wouldn’t get home usually until about 6:30, making for a long day leaving little time with the kids in the evening.  This new bank would be much closer to home, so he said sure, he would check it out.  He interviewed with a couple of  people and they offered him a position on Monday.

On Tuesday we had  dinner with Steve and Kim.  We didn’t know if it was just a night out type thing or if there was some kind of problem they wanted to talk over with us – yikes! – but it was quite to the contrary. They wanted to know what our feelings were about coming on board as staff. 

In my mind, the immediate response was YES!  But I knew that Bill had to be the one to make this decision.  I would love to say that it was a walking on water moment where we stepped out of the boat and walked to Jesus.  However, like Peter, we started looking around at all the outside elements.  The wind, the rain, the waves – which to us looked like finances, insurance in the middle of a pregnancy, this other job offer.  We were trying to read into the reasoning behind the timing of the two offers so close together and seemingly out of the blue.  Initially, Bill was going to accept the other offer and start working at the new bank until he could raise some support.  He would use the closer location to enable him to start doing some of the work for the church before he quit and officially came on board.  So he tendered his resignation at the old bank.  Well, his manager didn’t want to lose him, so easy as that she found a branch closer to home that she could move him to.  So he decided to stay there, which would allow him to keep benefits through the pregnancy, get his paternity leave (thank you, Lord!)  and still cut 30-45 minutes off of his drive time.   Knowing that he would be leaving to go to the church alleviated a lot of the stress that comes with a sales-oriented position like he was in. It allowed us to enjoy baby and Christmas and to also prepare for ministry life. 

In retrospect, I think the other offer was the push that he needed to make the leap. Sometimes it’s hard to sever the ties with a place that you’re comfortable in, even if you’re not happy there.  Sometimes it takes a little dynamite to blast you out of your comfort zone.   And even though we tried to look at everything logically and figure out the best solution that still gave us a safety net to fall back on, I think that God just wanted us to step out without looking around and just GO.  And it’s in that crazy free-fall when you’ve stepped out that He meets you and catches you and that’s when you really soar. 

 I’ve been reading a book over the last few months that we’ve been on this journey called Seizing Your Divine Moment.  I want to blog on it soon because it is so rich in it’s content, but one thing that just shone like a neon sign to me was a part where the author was talking about how we look to God to tell us if we’re supposed to do something.  We wait for a green light from Him before stepping out in faith.  We pray, we look for signs, we seek advice, etc.  But as believers, He has already told us to GO.  So we should go until He tells up to stop instead of standing still and waiting for him to send the thunderbolt to spur us to action.  He says it better in the book, but hopefully you get my point.  I really don’t ever remember us saying ‘Yes’ officially.  It was kind of like we were just carried along from thinking about it to doing it.  It was one of the coolest (and scariest) experiences of my life.  And it was so hard to keep it on the down-low until he quit the bank (again) and made the move !!  It was so fun to finally have Steve announce it at church.  People have been supportive and we really appreciate it.

Three weeks ago, Bill had his first day as a CATR staff member and life has been CRRRazy ever since!  Find out why in Part 3 – Full Circle – coming soon (for real this time :))

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  1. Posted by scrabblenut on March 11, 2008 at 10:43 am

    Wow…Out of the blue, 3 posts in one day! Can’t wait to hear the rest. 😉


  2. […] May 20, 2008 Big Changes part 3 – Full Circle Posted by kermooch under Church Stuff, Observations on Life   Imagine my chagrin when I saw this post still sitting in my drafts.  For the one or two of you out there who were waiting anxiously for the final part of the story of how we came to be on staff at the church – I’m sorry and here it is.  For those who missed the first two, you can catch up by clicking here and then here.  […]


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