I love Sundays at The Ridge, but at the same time they exhaust me!  It’s like being picked up by a tornado that starts at home, trying to get everybody ready.  Then it travels down the road to church which is full of familiar faces and also some unfamiliar ones.  You talk to this one and then you get spun around and you talk to that one, and so on and so on, ’til you’re dizzy.   You smile the whole time, ’til it feels like your face is going to fall off. And your head gets so full of new information that you know you won’t possibly remember it all. 

Next the twister carries you into the gathering where you sing, praise, worship, laugh, cry, listen, learn and leave.  Then the parade of faces begins anew.  Up and down two Kidz hallways where your kidz are once again caught up in the cyclone with you.  You all spin out to the parking lot to get in your car and return home, where you are finally dropped back to earth feeling exhilarated and bewildered at the same time.

It’s definitely an adrenaline rush for the soul.  It’s totally crazy, but, like I said, I love it and I can’t wait for next week!


2 responses to this post.

  1. AMEN! That’s all I can say! Whew, it can be exhausting, BUT fun!


  2. […] church.  Not to mention, I am usually wiped out after getting everyone to and from church and the whirlwind we encounter there.  We eat shortly after we come home, then I am done for the day.  We have a […]


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