Monday Update

So much has been going on that I decided to combine it all in a list instead of several individual posts. So here goes….

1     54 got soaked yesterday at the Ridge during a spontaneous baptism service!   They call it spontaneous, but there was a lot of effort and planning behind it to remove all the ‘reasons’ people have for putting off this important step of obedience.  It was simply AWESOME to see so many respond.  AWESOME to see several people I know and love get baptized.  AWESOME to feel the Spirit moving and feel the energy from those watching.  AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!

2     I’m a week into my fast and I am happy to say that I am staying focused.  I have had many moments of temptation, but I’ve yet to succumb.  More on what God’s been showing me in a future post.

3     We had a busy, but fun weekend as a family.  Kat scored the winning (and only) goal at her first soccer game of the season.  Go team!  We ate lunch at Stevi B’s with my parents after the game which was nice because we don’t get to see them enough.  After that, we ran some errands which included wiping out the samples at Sam’s.  Later we picnic-ed (sp?) in the living room while we watched Enchanted.  It was a cute movie and everyone enjoyed it. I love days like that 🙂

4     Day will be turning two on Friday – it’s hard to believe.  I think it’s neat that she’s a visual reminder of how old we are as a church.  We’re toddlers and hopefully we won’t go through the terrible two’s like she is 🙂 

5     Bill got his first support commitment this week ~ yay!

6     I’m working on a series of posts to start on May 1st and run through Mother’s Day in honor of all the mom’s out there.  I’m excited about it!

That’s all I can remember right now 🙂  Until next time …


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  1. Hilarious on the Sam’s samples! My parents take my nephew to Sam’s on the Saturdays he stays with them. He knows that Saturday morning means a trip to Sam’s to eat the samples & he LOVES it!


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