Resources I like

It’s a happy thing when I go to the mailbox (or more often, the kids go) and there’s a favorite magazine waiting.  Here’s a few I particularly enjoy…

Southern Living ~ I’ve tried several different home & garden magazines, but this remains a favorite.  Maybe it’s because I got it for free for several years when I was a consultant!  It’s a classic for good reason.  Lots of decorating ideas & gardening tips that I will try one day :), travels tips for places that I will visit one day 🙂 and recipes that I will make one day 🙂

Family Fun ~ This is an inexpensive magazine that is chock full of fun ideas for, well, the family.  This month’s issue was particularly loaded with great articles.  There were neat (and easy) cakes to make, cute (and easy) crafts to make, handy (and easy) organizing tips, and lots more.  There are book, movie & game reviews, travel tips, and cool (and easy) science activities. Can you tell why I like it?  One of the best parties we had was for Kat’s 9th.  It was an Egyptian party and we got several of the ideas from this magazine including a really cool pyramid cake.  There’s also lots of extra stuff on their website. $10 for a year.

Focus on Your Child ~ This is a series put out by Focus on the Family that’s a great tool for parents.  When you sign up, you list the ages of your kids.  Each month you receive a mini-magazine for each age group that you have.  Periodically you receive CD’s for each age group as well.  They’re full of insightful lessons, book reviews, surveys & tips from other parents – among other things.  They’re small enough, though, to read in one sitting. And they have additional stuff on their website.  It’s $22 for the year no matter how many kids you have 🙂

WORLD ~ I don’t have a lot of time to read the paper or watch the news (too depressing anyway), so this magazine helps me to keep up with currents events.  It’s from a conservative perspective, but seems to be good at staying impartial.  It’s a little pricey, but worth it. They also have a current events offering for kids called God’s World News that we’ve used for school and enjoyed. and

What do you read and enjoy?


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  1. Posted by heiditheophilus on April 1, 2008 at 3:33 pm

    funny that you blogged this…i did a blog this morning on an on-line Christian worldview on-line site I enjoy to browse…Relevant is a good mag too – a bit liberal Christianity, but good stuff nonetheless. Educational Leadership is one of my least fave subscriptions…Blah, boring!


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