Hold on to Jesus

I’m sure many of you know that yesterday we celebrated the 2nd anniversary of the Church at the Ridge. It was a great day and you can read other reactions to it on Steve’s blog, Kim’s blog, Doug’s blog, and Shelly’s blog . 

The metamorphosis from idea to reality always amazes me.  This event has been in the works for a few months and when I first heard about it I had my initial impressions of it.  It sounded really cool, but the finished product was even better than I imagined.  The energy was awesome, the turn out was incredible and the commissioning of CaNVaS was bittersweet.  We love these people, these families that are leaving to start a church in Savannah and I have had more than a few moments of sadness thinking about how much we’ll miss them and their servant hearts.  The people of Savannah will be blessed!

I’m excited about the new staff members who are coming on board.  Ashley will be a wonderful addition for the Kidz ministries.  My kids love her and well, they definitely have great taste in people!  Jason has been a faithful (and super talented) member of the band and we’re so grateful that he’ll be there to stand in the gap for the worship ministry!

I don’t know how much more change I can handle in such a short span of time. I have a feeling, though, that this is only the beginning 🙂  A few weeks ago I was laying down with a rare migrain and the 2-year-old was going to bed and had her lullabies CD playing.  There was a song on there that jumped out at me like God was using His bullhorn and saying “this is for you, Kerri”.  It’s an older Erin O’Donnell song and I wish I could attach just the song that’s on the lullaby CD, but it won’t let me 🙂  So here’s one I found on YouTube that has a slideshow of a sweet baby that I don’t know:) I thought it was fitting to share today since Steve’s message yesterday was to hold on to Hope and Hope will hold on to you.  



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