If anything I write is misspelled or doesn’t make sense, it’s most certainly because there are always a minimum of two kids hanging over my shoulder.  Right now one is singing the ABC’s along with her ‘laptop’, one is reading me a BOB book, another is checking to see when I am going to be done with the computer and reading my post, another has just come in to ask another question.  The only two who are not here right now are the baby and the toddler.

That also explains why I don’t post as often as I like.  So please cut me some slack 🙂  I’d appreciate it!


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  1. Posted by Kim on May 3, 2008 at 7:43 am

    I hear you. Some of my posts are written when I am giving the baby her bottle.Sooo…that means they are done one handed. It is a wonder I get any thoughts out there at all. 🙂


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