Love Me Some People

This is the update to the van saga

When I last left you in regards to the van, I had just gotten the horrible news and we were still following up on leads to get the van fixed for less $$.  Well, let me just say that, “I love me some people at the Ridge!”

We had leads from people about guys who could fix it for less and we had offers of loaner cars until we got the van back.  We even had some absolutely wonderful people sell some stuff at a yard sale to help us with repairs.  We were floored.  I really dislike doing yard sales, so to have someone willingly do one just to give the money away is amazing.  If any of you are reading this – THANK YOU!!! You’re awesome!

We ended up using one of those trusted leads to get the van fixed. He found that the problem was less serious and saved us hundreds of dollars. It was still a lot, but much better than it could have been.  And he got it back in time for Mother’s Day weekend, which allowed us to spend time with both of our moms and see one of K’s last soccer games as a family.   

I’ll say it again ~ I realize that this is such a minor thing in the grand scheme of things.  Everyone has car trouble.  What is not minor is when people allow themselves to be used by God to bless others.  When you do that, you are literally helping to deepen someone’s faith in God and that’s huge.  You are being an agent of faith, if you will.

There have been many times when God has impressed it on me to drop someone a note to tell them that I appreciate them or that I’m praying for them.  And it’s incredible that so often when I follow His lead, I will hear back from that person that it came at just the right time, when they really needed it. The reverse is also true.  I have received encouraging notes or emails on days when I ‘ve been feeling less than my best and they have made me feel so loved, not only by that person, but also by my Father, who loves me enough to send His kindness through someone else who chose to listen and obey. 

So don’t underestimate the repercussions for being an agent of faith.  We are already looking for a way to bless it forward.  And hopefully that person will do the same and so on and so on.  The end result is that  God will be glorified in what started out as a problem!


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  1. Hi,
    I love the post and your last paragraph is SO VERY TRUE!!! I am so glad I stopped by your blog! It really blessed me!! In Christ Angie B. (XA)


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