Back to the Future

I’m feeling a little like Marty McFly from Back to the Future this week.  In the movie, he lives in 1985 and goes back to 1955 in the De Lorean time machine built by Doc Brown, then comes back again. 

 On Saturday we will be going to a sock hop with a Fifties theme.  We’ll be celebrating several birthdays on my mom’s side of the family including my aunt (59), my sister (30), my two cousin-in-laws (30 & 31) and my other cousins baby (1). I have been scrambling around trying to find 50’s outfits for the whole family.  The kids have been asked to be carhops at the Diner.  I hear that Elvis is even going to make an appearance 🙂   My sisters are coming up from Florida, so it’ll be good to see them and my only nephew who’s one.  Golly, it’s gonna be swell!

Then we have to jump three decades the next day to the 80’s for the Volunteer Appreciation Prom at church which should be like, totally awesome!  Bill already has his outfit and hair.  I am still working on mine.  Unfortunately, I can’t fit into my 80’s clothes anymore.  Normally that doesn’t bother me because, yikes!, they are awful, but it would be nice to be able to pull something out of storage for things like this.  A few years ago my mom had an 80’s party for a certain milestone birthday of mine 🙂 but I don’t know where that outfit is.  We were in the process of moving at the time, so there’s no telling. 

The hardest part is that I’m helping a little with the planning of both parties, so it’s like living in a perpetual time warp. Sometimes I forget which decade I’m in!  This weekend should be a lot of fun, but it will be nice to come back to the future on Monday.  Hopefully no one has any wild west parties planned anytime soon 🙂


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