My Take on Prom

I know there have been several posts on prom already (1,2,3,4), but I thought I’d throw my two cents in. 

First of all, let me say that we love our volunteers at the Ridge and I hope they know that.  It feels weird saying that when I was one just a few months ago 🙂 Now I’m a ‘staff wife’  ~ still not used to that yet! It was great to see them let their hair down (literally) and have some fun.  It was also great to see them come to an event that they didn’t have to set up for or break down afterwards or watch someone’s children during. ( We did have to beat some of you off with a stick though.  You just can’t help but help! ) We’re  grateful for Canvas coming to fill that void.

One thing I also enjoyed was the preparation.  Looking back through pics from that time and listening to the music of my youth has made me feel a little bit like a teenager again!  While going through photos, I came across letters from Bill while we were dating and lots of movie ticket stubs from those dates.  It’s neat to see how that puppy love has matured into something deeper and lasting. 

While I don’t think we should live in the past, I think it’s important to revisit it once in a while to remind yourself of where you came from.  I’ve been reminded of all the reasons I fell in love with Bill in the first place.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget, especially when there’s six kids vying for your attention!  And no, don’t expect baby #7 in March 🙂 

I also think it’s important to take some time out from working, even when it’s something as worthy as ministry, to just have some fun. Like Bill said in his blog, I wish it had been a little longer.  And there were a few notable absences.  Next time people are going to just have to plan their vacations around these things!

By the way, you can find pics here. Like, they’re totally tubular!


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