Sad Day

Yesterday I was trying to fix my oldest’s computer (our old one that crashed) when a little person showed up beside me.  I didn’t think anything of it at first until one of the siblings said uh-oh.  Then I realized that she had been down for her nap and I didn’t get her up and after a quick check, no one else had either.  She finally decided to climb out of her crib.  We even took her downstairs, put her back in and asked her to show us how she did it.  She was quite skillful and didn’t even fall. And she was also very proud of her accomplishment.

Not long after Daddy put her to bed last night, we heard the door creak and saw her little face peek around the corner with a cute little “hi”.  Daddy explained that she couldn’t get out, tucked her back in, and she didn’t get up again (thankfully). 

There’s something very comforting about being able to put a toddler in their crib and know that they can’t escape.  I guess that peace of mind is gone now.  Time to get out the big girl bed, which is okay, because we have one waiting to move right into the crib.  And the carousel of beds and bedrooms starts again…

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  1. Posted by heiditheophilus on June 13, 2008 at 10:48 am

    Awww…that is sad and sweet all at the same time 😦 She’s getting to be a big girl! Next thing you know, Sadie will be there, too. Time to start planning #7 in my estimation 😉


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