Fruitilicious Smoothies

It just occurred to me that I have never posted a recipe. So I decided to start with my two favorite smoothie recipes.  You can make these in your blender or you can make them in your magic bullet.  I am not one to buy something I’ve seen on an infomercial , but several months ago, after I had the baby and was too uncomfortable to sleep anymore, I turned on the tv, hoping it would lull me back to sleep and caught the magic bullet spot.  The things they did with this thing were amazing 🙂  I didn’t buy it then, but I did mention a couple of times in Bill’s presence.  He must of thought I wanted it or something because he got it for me for mother’s day (from Kohl’s for less $$).  By far my favorite things to make in it are smoothies.  It came with four cups that you can put your ingredients in and blend them up, then you screw on a collar and drink from them.   The collars are color-coded, too, which makes it great for the kids.

Like I said, these are my two favorite flavors.  The amounts are approximate.  This is one of those things that I make by just throwing stuff in.  You can play with it to suit your taste.  Add more ice to make it crunchier or more yogurt to make it smoother – you get the idea 🙂

Classic strawberry/banana: Makes 1 good-sized smoothie:

3-4 strawberries (fresh or frozen)

1 banana

1/3 cup yogurt (any flavor you like – sometimes I use the kids little yogurts, but right now I’m using vanilla from a large container)

A splash of juice – about 1/3 cup (again whatever kind you have on hand – I usually use OJ, apple juice or whatever flavor juicy juice we have)

Ice – about 1/2 cup

Blend well and enjoy!

Tropical delight: Makes 1 good-sized smoothie

1 banana

3-4 frozen pineapple chunks (freeze your own or get them in the freezer section)

Splash of pineapple juice – about 1/3 cup (I use the unsweetened kind in the can)

1/3 cup yogurt or silken tofu (I know it sounds weird, but you can’t taste it and it adds protein – great way to get that in for picky eaters or vegetarians. You can find it in the produce section)

1/2 cup ice

Blend well, add tiny umbrella and chill out!


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