I’m sure you’ve had those days where it seems like your front door is a revolving door.  You barely shut the door on someone leaving before the bell chimes and someone else is there.  This morning was one of those times. 

Before I launch into that, let me give you a little backstory.  Last night, I came upstairs around 10:30 to try to burn a CD of pics from the 50’s party for my mom.  I might have mentioned that sometimes I get sidetracked 🙂  Somehow I stumbled onto a program I didn’t know we had on our computer called Windows Movie Maker.  This is thing is so great.  It’s like powerpoint, except it’s really user friendly.  Well, 45 minutes later I had made myself a little movie with said 50’s pics, complete with cool effects that made the pics actually look like an old black-and-white TV show on an old TV.  It also has some fab fifties music and credits and everything!  And it took 45 minutes!!!  Can you tell that I am excited about this new discovery?  I am excited about all the gifts I can make using this and all the memories I can preserve on something other than my computer screen-saver slideshow 🙂  The kids love to watch these kind of things, too.  I’m even thinking that this could be a little side business I can do in my spare time 🙂  Those of you who have this program or something similar are probably wondering what the fuss is about.  I can’t explain it, it’s just one of those things.

Anyhoo,  Bill had already gone to bed because he had to get up early to go rafting with the fifteen-year-old on the Ocoee River with the youth from church.  Next thing I know, he is interrupting my movie producing to let me know that the baby is crying and won’t stop.  So that goes on the back burner, and I spend the next hour-and-a-half getting her to sleep.  I’m not complaining because she is usually a wonderful sleeper.     

Fast forward to this morning, hubby and eldest daughter get up and head out.  Shortly after, I get up, get everyone ready and we head out to baseball.  This is Peyton’s first year playing and it’s been fun to root him on.  Doesn’t he look good in his uniform?                                                                                                      


My parents met us there to watch the game and came to our house afterwards to pick up some wood from the tree we had cut down last week.  Of course, I then had them come in to preview my little production.  They really liked it.  I’m going to procure more pics from other family members to add to it before I call it a wrap, then I’ll burn one for everybody and send it to them.  While we were upstairs on the computer, the directv man came to the door.  We didn’t hear him knock, ring, or call the home or cell phone – oops – so he left.  When my parents left, I checked the caller id and sure enough, he had called. In all fairness, it was only 11:15 and his window was supposed to be 12-4.  Why is that they always seem to come early when you don’t want them to or they don’t come until the last minute (or after) when you’re sitting at home twiddling your thumbs waiting for them?   I promptly called him back and fortunately he hadn’t gotten far.  While I was waiting for him to come back, I had to give the baby a quick feed – she was not willing to wait until after he had gone.  The other kids were also hungry, so I let them fix their own lunch.  That’s always fun 🙂  Rodney showed up and got the new Tivo box running.   He was very nice and said that he was running ahead of schedule because he was trying to get home early so that he could give his wife a break from their 2-year-old so she could go to the spa.  I asked him if he thought she would mind if I came along and he looked at me kind of strangely 🙂  I think he understood my motive, though, since the 6, 7 and 9-year-olds were spying on him from behind the couch, looking like little prairie dogs poking their heads up.  And the toddler was running around with her giant worm that plays the loudest music of almost any toy I have ever heard. (Peyton’s rapping car wins the grand prize for that one.  You can hear it and feel the bass through his floor into our bathroom – thanks to grandma for that one!)

After all that, the baby and toddler actually napped at the same time – always a treat – and so I sent the others to have some quiet time while I rested.  I don’t attempt to nap anymore.  That always brings about ringing phones and doorbells, and I had already had my share of those today.  Now we are off to grab a bite to eat.  With just me and the kids to buy for, I thought it would be a nice treat, plus I have coupons that expire soon 🙂

So the door goes round again.  Hopefully after Bill and Katelyn come home, it will be still for the night.    And tomorrow it will begin again…

Postscript – while uploading Peyton’s pic, the doorbell rang again and I didn’t hear it.  The kids did and let my friend Rachel in and then came and told me she was here.  I can’t understand why they would let her when the rule is to not let anyone unless mom or dad says.  It’s not that I mind Rachel, it’s just that I don’t want them to have to decide who gets to come in and who doesn’t.  And also because sometimes you need to have a minute to fix yourself.  In this case, I had put on my pajama pants when I was resting (which I never do) and there was no escaping.  Thankfully Rachel is a wild and crazy lady and probably didn’t notice or care.  She was just dropping off something for church, bless her, even though she is up to her eyeballs in moving.  (If any of you need something to do next week, Rachel would love to help you out in that dept. 🙂 )  It just goes to show that the door never stops, even if you are wearing your PJ’s!

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  1. Posted by Lora on June 22, 2008 at 11:00 am

    So I guess the Direct TV guy did not inquire about the guinea hens in the road…. 😉


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