That was a first…

Four years into homeschooling and I finally got to go to my first home school convention today. Every year there has been something preventing me from going. I haven’t been too heartbroken because I figured that it would just overwhelm me to see sooo much curriculum in one place. It’s like Willa Wonka’s chocolate factory, except it’s books, books, books and instead of oompa loompas, there are vendors. There’s so much to take in. Fortunately, I got to go with professional conventioner, Miss Kim, who helped me to navigate the vast maze of booths. It’s great to be able to look at things in person and it helped me to narrow down some of my options. I picked up a few fun things to do with our states unit that I think they kids will enjoy. I also picked up some of paper and art supplies for the Thomas Kinkade art program that we’re going to do. I think I will be a student along with the kids on that one 🙂 As far as actual curriculum, I had to order several things because they didn’t have them on hand, but with discounts and free shipping, that was okay with me since it was less to haul around 🙂

Next year, I will have a better plan of attack. I would like to make it a two-day affair so I can browse one day, sleep on it and come back to buy the next day. And I would also like to attend some workshops. And have lunch with friends. Hmmm, it sounds like I might be hooked ….


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  1. It was lots of fun. I was glad to be a part of your initiation. 🙂


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