Stuff, stuff and more stuff

How is it possible that over two weeks have gone by without a post?? This is how:

  • The modem died – it either got zapped by lightning or just gave out. AT&T was great and overnighted a new one w/o charge.
  • We were finishing birthday season – see separate post for Maddie’s birthday salute, albeit a bit belated.
  • Family Camp – mounds of laundry to do before, mounds of laundry to do after… need I say more? For more on family camp, check out Kim’s & Steve’s blogs. We had a blast. I might squeeze out some details in a day or so 🙂
  • Getting ready for school – target start date for us is Aug. 27th. I’m looking forward to getting back into it, but I still have a lot to do and I want to be as prepared as I can be. I have a feeling I’m going to need it.
  • New stuff at The Ridge. In a couple of weeks we’ll be trotting out some new stuff at church. The cafe will see some cool changes. I’m excited and a little bit fried 🙂 If you’d like to help – comment, email, drop by, send a singing telegram, use pony-express or pigeon carrier or skywrite me. Or you can just pick up the phone 🙂
  • Giant limb – more like the top half of our tree out front – came down the night before we got back from camp. Don’t know how it missed the house (actually I do know – thank you, Lord!) Now we need to get rid of it. The kids and cats have been having a smashing good time frolicking in it, but I don’t think it endears us to our ‘yard-of-the-month’ neighbors 🙂
  • Sickness – somewhere Dayleigh picked up the crud and it has been working it’s way through the family. I hope that I am on the upswing today. It’s kind of hard to plan and prepare when your head feels like a bowling ball!
  • Last 702 bible study tonight. I admit that I have to do a couple of lessons today before I go. I have enjoyed this study (and the ladies participating with me) immensely. It needs a separate post to tell you why. I will say that it is eye-opening to see what might be considered ‘other gods’ in my life. And they aren’t made of wood, stone, or gold. And that how making room in my life by getting rid of them makes more room for God to do His work in me. That’s the cliff notes version – in reality it’s much, much more. If you have an opportunity to do this study, I highly recommend it.
  • Now I’m off to do two weeks worth of grocery shopping for our family of eight. At Walmart. With the Baby. Hopefully without rain…

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