Child Labor (with love)

Every Christmas season, I come up with some to-do lists of extra chores for the kids with dollar amounts assigned to them.  They use the money they earn to buy Christmas gifts. The lists usually include those things I would like to get done, but will not have time to do before Christmas.  Past lists have had such things as organizing the movies (not one is ever in the right case), cleaning out the van, wrapping gifts, yard work and helping clean younger siblings rooms. This year I have come up with a new one for my oldest. She’s going to put all my Christmas CD’s on our itunes library, make a playlist and then download them onto my ipod.

This may seem a little frivolous, but it shouldn’t when you consider that I only managed to put 3 Christmas songs on my ipod last year.  Such a waste of a great collection of CD’s with nary a hippopotamus or a grandma-squashing reindeer on them.  Besides, Katelyn loves to do anything on itunes and will benefit from being able to add any of the songs she wants to her own ipod.  Not to mention, she gets a tip$$ for doing it.! Be sure to check out the On My iPod page for my review of two new Christmas Cd’s.

Anyone have any more creative ideas for my lists? We’ll be working on those this week so we can take the kids out shopping next week.  Watch out DollarTree – the Edglings will be descending soon!


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  1. Makes me feel a bit better… “not one is ever in the right case”. Great child labor ideas!


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