What’s for dinner? Part 2 -purchasing BONUS edition

I am over at Habits today, talking about purchasing your groceries.  I promised some links and tips here:

coupons 013

First the tips:


Make a menu

Make a list

Don’t go hungry 🙂 Seriously.

Clean out your pantry and fridge before you shop.


Clip coupons for items you use

Have a coupon box or file

Check sale ads before you go

Sign up for coupons to be delivered to your home or inbox


Go to websites that match deals for you

Print coupons from links on those sites

Use a coupon binder

Use ‘automatic coupons’ that are tied to your shopper card or cell phone.

Shop in bulk – purchase six weeks of a product that is a super deal. (6 weeks is the average time it takes for sale cycles)

Links – (there are a lot) and store tips: Thanks to Heidi for supplying these! She is beyond advanced 🙂

Kroger: Kroger ads run Sunday through Saturday.  They will accept printable and newspaper insert coupons.  They will double coupons with a value of up to 50 cents.  You can stack a paper coupon with an eCoupon that has been loaded to your Kroger Plus Card for extra savings!

Publix: Publix ads run Thursday through Wednesday.  They will accept internet printable coupons and newspaper insert coupons.  They will double coupons with a value of up to 50 cents.  Publix will accept competitor coupons.  Each Publix considers different stores competitors.   Call the location you use and ask which competitors’ coupons they will accept.   You can stack a Publix or competitor’s coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon for outstanding savings!

Drug Stores: The 3 major drug stores in the area are CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens.   They all offer either a rebate or rewards program.  You can get really good deals as long as you familiarize yourself with the specific program and stay on top of expiration dates.  I have found that Walgreens is the trickiest to deal with, but you can find some good deals.  Rite Aid and CVS have big money making potential, but you do have to sign up for their rewards programs.




Websites I use:


This site is my favorite grocery shopping site.  Jenny has lists for the major grocery and drug store chains in the southeast.  She scans all of the weekly ads and matches the sales up with coupons to help you find the best deals.  You can print your list with coupon match-ups directly from her website.  She also has guides to help you if you are new to couponing.  Go to http://www.southernsavers.com/getting-started-guides to get a better understanding of Jenny and her website.


This site features many of the national chains and includes Target and Wal-Mart.  This site uses spreadsheets of the coupon/sale matchups.   This site also offers additional help if you are new to couponing.


Has grocery coupons and internet codes for retail shopping.  A good place to print the latest Target printable coupons


Has eCoupons you can load to your Kroger Plus Card.


Get better details specific to Publix.


A site devoted to CVS and their Extra Care Bucks reward program.


Printable grocery coupon site


More printable grocery coupons


More printable grocery coupons


Load eCoupons to your Kroger Plus Card here


More eCoupons for your Kroger Plus Card


This is a great site for money-saving recipes and ideas on how to save money in your home.


A great website to keep you up on internet deals, coupons, rebates and samples.


This site has coupons, recipes, samples and more ways to stretch your budget!


Money-saving ideas from Kraft Foods


A blog devoted to finding and sharing bargains!


If you have an uPromise Account set-up, you can get eCoupons here to add additional funds to your account!

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  1. […] After that, I’ve included a few pointers for whatever stage you might find yourself in, as well as links to websites and other coupon tips on my own site. […]


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