Like a glove

I hopped in the van the other night to pick up the oldest from a friend’s and it was COLD.  I would say really cold, but any northerners reading this would laugh hysterically since it was only about 30 degrees.  Anyway, I had actually remembered to put my gloves on before I left the house.  Normally I would have retrieved them from my coat pocket when my ‘pingers’ started getting numb and it would have taken awhile for them to warm back up. Worse, the cold would have crept to the rest of my body and I would have been a chattering monkey for most of the drive.

This time, though, I had prepared and it made all the difference.  I was toasty the whole time.

It struck me then that it’s a metaphor for reading the Word.  We can wait till we feel the chill creeping in.  We can reach for the Word and apply it after the fact, hoping for the warmth to spread quickly.   We can be reactive to our surroundings.


We can be proactive.

We can insulate ourselves with His word, allowing it to buffer us from the inevitable.

We can plan for the chill that we know is coming, so that when it comes, we are already warmed by His love letter to us and we won’t have to wait.

And we won’t be cold.

It’s like they say – a glove in the pocket is worth two on the hand…

Or a verse unread in your Bible is worth infinitesimally more in your heart.

4 responses to this post.

  1. That’s why they call it the whole armour of God! You put it on before battle,not after the enemy has run you over! I really enjoyed your blog!


  2. Posted by Kendra on January 6, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    Love this!


  3. Awesome word!!! Love it!! So true!! We gotta put it in for it to cme out =) Thanks Kerri!!!!


  4. Beautiful!


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