B90 Check-in

Over at Habits for a Happy Home, I shared that I was going to start a Read the Bible in 90 Days challenge starting Jan 3rd.  Amy at Mom’s Toolbox is hosting it.

I was really excited to get started since I’ve tried reading the Bible through in a year, but never finished.

So, tomorrow is already day 10 and I am a little bit behind.  I was cruising along, until I hit a patch of feverish nesting that left me too tired to finish my reading for a couple of days. Hopefully by tomorrow night, I’ll be caught up.  I picked a terrible spot to get behind since I am in Exodus and Leviticus where God is laying out the laws and the construction of the temple in great detail.

It’s definitely shown me how easy it is to get behind, even because of things that seem worthwhile and important at the time.  Also, that the best time for me is definitely in the morning before the whole house stirs! I might be able to squeeze a couple of chapters in at night, but only if I’m not exhausted!

I am still as committed as ever. I am amazed at how quickly I am moving through the books already and what a great overall picture I am getting. Hopefully at next check in, I can report that I have delivered on my promise to catch up and on my sweet baby girl who is now 4 days late 🙂

If you’re participating, chime in and share your experience so far.

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  1. Loved reading your experience and so encouraged to hear the dedication and determination in your vpice (I mean words =)! Praying for you to get caught up and to have your little girl!


  2. Hang in there! What a worthy goal!


  3. You inspired me to ramp up alongside the Daily Audio Bible. Luci found the One Year Bible Online and she and I have been reading (and clicking online on the daily links) together. It’s so nice to have her reading the same plan. Fun to ask, what did you think about… So I can see how the Moms Toolbox community would be so encouraging. You’ve spurred us on. Thanks for all your encouraging posts here and on Habits – you’ve gotten all of us going while you’ve been nesting. You’re an inspiration, friend! Can’t wait to meet Baby Girl!


  4. Posted by Terri Levine on January 13, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    Kerri, I needed to hear this so much today! I, too, am behind and I am struggling with these same passages. Thank you for being honest in sharing your way! I am still dedicated and hopefully will catch up soon also! Praying that your baby makes her appearance very soon!


  5. Kerri,
    Just keep on keeping on! I’m participating in reading the Bible in 90 Days too. I have to keep reminding myself that this is not a STUDY it is a Read-Through. Otherwise I find myself getting stuck and falling behind!
    Congrats on your newest little one! Hope they get here quickly! I was overdue with ALL five of mine!


  6. Hi, I’m stopping by from Group #17 in the B90 Challenge!

    May you feel blessed in this week’s reading 🙂


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