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Are you so foolish?

I was reading the Ridge’s Wild Goose Chase 40-days of prayer last week when the verse of the day leapt off the page at me. It has rolled around in my head since then.

It’s Galatians 3:3

Are you so foolish?  After beginning with the Spirit, are you now trying to attain your goal by human effort?

I love how Paul pulls no punches here. It certainly grabs my attention.  This whole section is great and I encourage you to read it.  In fact, at the Beth Moore conference I went to last month, this was a key passage. I didn’t remember that until I looked it up to read the context.  I had written “Are we nuts?’ in the margin because that’s what Beth boiled it down to. Continue reading

A link

This post at a favorite site made me laugh out loud this morning – probably because I got a visual of a few people at church when I read it.  You know who you are, if you’re not too busy volunteering to read this 😉  Swiss Army Knife Volunteer

A Jesus Year in 2009

I am still reeling from the celebrations of the past week.  As I sit here typing, it is hard to believe that Christmas is already week behind us.  I am afraid to close my eyes because I feel like I might be right back here, celebrating 2010 🙂 Continue reading