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Nine will be fine

I could have titled this seven will be heaven, since that’s how many Edglings there will be come January ~ but rhyming  fine with the total number that will be in our family sounded better right now since I am still in a wee bit of shock and heaven isn’t exactly where I’m at yet.

I’ve been here before.  This time has been a little different though.  For the last year or so, I’ve been walking the road of saying goodbye to new babies and giving birth.  No more sweet bundles or deliciously scented heads to smell.  No more watching siblings take to and love a new little one.  It was hard at first, but little by little, it got easier. I thought of all that we would be able to do without diapers, strollers and the works.  We started taking steps to make things permanent. I’ve struggled with cutting off God’s blessing in this area, but finally felt comfortable moving into a new phase, child-bearing years behind me.

We weren’t aware of any oops, until the time came and went. And denial set in, along with nausea, fatigue and congestion.  And depression.  So many plans I had for the upcoming year – some selfish, but many with my loved ones in mind – helping my senior with college plans, redoing the school room, getting away with hubby, getting in shape again.  How will I accomplish those things, along with the everyday and carry a baby? I’m not as young as I used to be 🙂 We don’t even have a vehicle big enough to carry us all!

The truth is, I don’t know.  Some of those may not happen.  Some may look different.  But I know that if anything is to be accomplished, it will be with only by the strength and through the grace of God. Because that’s the only way I’ve ever been able to do it before.  It’s His plan and He will see it through.

Bill has been great.  He and I have sort of switched places from earlier years. Now I’m the shocked one and he is the one who takes it in stride and holds me up.  The kids are happy for the most part.  They just keep rolling. The 4-year-old asked at bedtime if the baby would be here tomorrow.  I think we’ll have to make a paper chain to help her count the days.  That’s going to be one looooong chain.

Me ~ I’m adjusting.  So if you’d be so kind if you see me not to ask me if we figured out  how this happens.  Obviously we have 🙂  And I won’t ask you if you’ve figured out what makes you overweight or in debt or rude.  That sounds harsh, but if you think about it, people feel like they can ask or say whatever when you’re pregnant, that they would never dream of saying any other time. And when you’re still dealing with the revelation yourself, it’s kind of tough to answer without hauling off and smacking some people. And I am not prone to violence.

If it were up to me, right now, I would cocoon myself , not come out for nine months and then just send out baby announcements. (It would be so awesome!) That’s kind of hard to do when you’re surrounded by friends and family and already have six kids who wouldn’t take well to being locked up with you.

We have shared our news in many ways with each baby, making it special.  This time, I decided that the blanket approach would work best for me. A baby blanket if you will.  Thank you Facebook for making this possible.  Family will have to forgive me for not making personal calls.  I just can’t do it (see above).  If you’re thrilled, feel free to comment, call, send meals 😉  If you’re shocked, just sit on it for awhile and when you’re ready, when you’ve adjusted, then I’d be happy to take your call.

Just remember, there are many other things that are a lot harder to adjust to  than a sweet baby made in the image of our Creator.

I know I will.

A wonderful, awful thing

Do you remember the line in How the Grinch Stole Christmas when the narrator says that the Grinch had a wonderful, awful idea?  Well, we got back from Florida yesterday and found out that a wonderful, awful thing had happened while we were gone.

Walking into our kitchen, loaded down with bags and kids, we spot this ransom note on our counter… Continue reading

Coming up for air

Yes, I’m still here 🙂  I won’t go on and on about how busy it’s been here.  I’ll just say that it has been.  The biggest thing has been school.   I’ve found that in order to accomplish what we need to accomplish, I need just about every hour and every brain cell I have!  We modified our schedule a little bit from last year and added some things. Even though it is a challenge to get through it, I have enjoyed this year so far, more than any other.  I think it is because I am finally feeling comfortable with this whole homeschool thing.  And it only took me five years 🙂 I’ll post our schedule in a future post since I always I enjoy seeing what others are doing. Continue reading

Stuff, stuff and more stuff

How is it possible that over two weeks have gone by without a post?? This is how:

  • The modem died – it either got zapped by lightning or just gave out. AT&T was great and overnighted a new one w/o charge.
  • We were finishing birthday season – see separate post for Maddie’s birthday salute, albeit a bit belated. Continue reading

Of Blueberries and Birthdays

Summer is just rolling along for us. I can’t believe I am already seeing back-to-school stuff in the stores. It seems like we just finished. I thought summer might produce a slower pace for us, but it seems to just be flying by like the rest of the year. Continue reading

I’m a Georgia Voter

Yep, I went by the library yesterday and voted in our county elections and got my peach sticker.  That’s a sticker I’m proud to wear.  Exercising my freedom to vote always makes me smile, even when the candidates don’t.  There were actually several good candidates in our county elections –  it’s the upcoming election that may leave me feeling at a loss.   Continue reading

Got me some bangs

I went to the stylist the other day in need of a trim.  I knew I needed to do something about my baby chick hair.  This is what I call the phase of hairdos that comes after you’ve had a baby, after you shed frightening amounts of hair and the new hair starts to grow in.  You get little fuzzy patches that remind me of baby chickens, except it doesn’t look nearly as cute as they do.  So you have thinning hair on top with super-short pieces sprouting out of the front.  It’s one of my least favorite side-effects of giving birth.  I mean, can we not keep something from our pre-pregnancy days?? Continue reading