On My iPod

Check back to see what I’ve been downloading to my iPod.  Be sure to share your new favorites or old gems.  Was it a waste of money (WOM) or a good investment (GI)?

10/09  ~ Over the last several months I’ve added some new music to my playlist.  It runs the gamut, for sure. Maybe you’ll find something you like.

Here’s a few I’m enjoying…

needtobreathe needtobreathe  ~ The Outsiders  ~ southern-style rock with a message, most of this album is better than coffee would be at waking me in the morning.  You’ve probably heard Lay it Down on the radio.  It’s the one that starts off with the catchy stomp, stomp, clap.  Let Us Love is my new lead-off song for walks.   GI

jimmyneedhamJimmy Needham ~ Not Without Love ~ you’ve probably heard his Forgiven and Loved on the radio, this upbeat album pulls  no punches with it’s message of, surprisingly, forgiveness and love. Feel-good music with lyrics that make me feel even better.  GI

traviscottrellTravis Cottrell ~ Jesus Saves ~ Travis is the gifted worship leader that tours with Beth Moore.  This album may seem a little old-fashioned to some, but it takes me right to the throne when I listen to it, which is somewhere I like to be. Cool that it was recorded live at FBC Woodstock, too. Favorites are Mercy Seat, Do it Lord, and I Am Persuaded plus Beth speaks from the heart on one track. GI

tanTenth Avenue North ~ Over and Underneath ~ I had the privilege of attending a concert of theirs with my two oldest girls and let me just say that I was impressed.  A very talented group of guys who are sold out to Christ.  They have a very current sound that translates well to teens (and still easy enough on the ears for old folks like me). I recommend both the album and the concert. GI

whisperingsDavid Nevue ~ Whisperings ~ found this gem over at A Holy Experience.  She has it on her site as background music.  It’s all piano that has hopeful, soul-stirring sound to it. This is great to read, blog or just unwind to.  GI

I told you it was eclectic!  I am anxiously awaiting a couple of albums.  Michael Buble’s latest dropped this week and it is killing me that I haven’t made it to Target where they have it on sale for the same price you can buy it on itunes. I’m sorry, I still like to have it in my hot little hands.  I got all of the above albums off itunes and I wish I had gotten the real thing.

Casting Crowns newest is coming next month and Chris Tomlin has a Christmas album due out next week (I think).  You know that’s gon be good and a shoo-in for my one addition to my Christmas collection this year.

Okay, now it’s your turn.  My birthday’s next month and I want to know what I need to be asking for!  What are you listening to???

4/09 ~ iWalk ~ Here’s my current playlist for my 3 mile walk.  Let us know what you’re listening to to get fit.

I Love You Always Forever – Donna Lewis (light song that gets me warmed up)

Everything (i-soul remix) – Michael Buble

Walkin On Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves (love this)

Sing, Sing, Sing – Chris Tomlin (surprisingly great walking beat and awesome lyrics)

Smile – Michael Buble (one of my all-time favorite songs, redone and ramped up by a favorite artist)

Save the Last Dance for Me – Michael Buble (for you ballroom fans)

Here is Our King – David Crowder

In the Hands of God – Newsboys

Make it Happen – Mariah Carey (this is my last song and it pushes me that last 1/4 mile)

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Katharine McPhee – my cool down song, also an all-time favorite

11/08 ~ With some birthday money I received, I bought two new Christmas CD’s.  I have been limiting myself to one per year, but I didn’t know that one of my very favorite artists had a CD out until I had already purchased one by another favorite artist.

The first one I bought was Casting Crowns Peace on Earth. Lots of classics mixed with a couple of original songs. I just love their sound and their emphasis on the true meaning of Christmas. They are one of thefew artists I will buy before I hear the CD. Definitely a GI.

The second one was Harry Connick, Jr.’s What a Night! This is his third Christmas album.  Talk about all-time favorites – his are among the first I play each Christmas season.  I had no idea he had another releasing this year. When Bill showed it to me in the book store, it was one of those moments where I felt like a pre-teen at a Jonas Brothers concert.  I could hardly wait to get in the van and rip of the cellophane (and the twelve security stickers)!

An early favorite is We Three Kings.  It’s an instrumental that’s a cross between Vince Guilardi’s Charlie Brown Christmas (awesome piano) and Ocean’s Elevens’ kickin’ percussion. Sounds crazy, but it works!  It’s indicative of the whole album, which is very eclectic.  Another definite GI

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