On My Nightstand


Check back to find out what I’ve been reading and be sure to let me know what you’ve been reading and how you would rate it.  Time wasted (TW) or time well-spent (TWS).

1/11 ~ Since I started the B90 challenge, I’ve put my reading on hold. There are a few books that I finished before that, though, worth mentioning and a couple that I am still working through.

Jesus Calling – Sarah Younga devotional  written from the first person perspective of Jesus. I saw this recommended by several people, so I mentioned it to my husband for Christmas.  I’m only a couple of weeks into it, but so far I love it. It is the perfect before bed read for me.  Such comfort and peace in the words. TVWS.

Mitford Bedside Companion Jan Karon and Brenda Furman – this wonderful collection from the Mitford series of books by Jan Karon is like a scrapbook of all your favorite people and places and events in Father Tim’s parish. This was a gift from a sweet friend that has given me weeks of reading pleasure. Another perfect bedtime read, I love traveling to Mitford for a short visit before drifting off to sleep. I’ve been trying to make it last so I can read it while nursing little miss when she decides to come.  Includes lots of interesting tidbits from Jan herself. TWS for fans of Mitford. (If you’re not a Mitford series reader, you should be 🙂

Radical – David Platt – I finished this sometime last year. It has been taking the book world by storm and for good reason. David challenges believers to not settle for the American Dream as we know it and to get out of our middle class comfort zone.  When I say challenge – I don’t say that lightly.  It is still reworking my thought process and rocking my world. TWS.


10/09 ~ I’ve read several books over the last few months.  Don’t know where I found the time, but I did.  Here’s a couple I really enjoyed…

Non-fiction ~

One Month to Live ~ by Kerry and Chris Shook ~ we’re a little over halfway through this at church, both on Sunday and in small group, and it is great stuff.  The basic premise asks the question “how would you live your life differently if you knew you only had one month to live and why aren’t you doing it now”?”  There’s a lot that you’ve probably heard in some form or another, but it all bears repeating.   It’s very easy to read since it’s broken into 30 daily readings. I’ve added some quot4es included in the book to the Quote Book page.  TIP when reading it, I highly recommend journaling your answers to the questions, either in a notebook or on their website.

Do Hard Things ~ Alex and Brett Harris ~ this was an excellent book challenging teens to rise about the low expectations that society places on them.  Have fun, you’re only young once, you can start being responsible when you’re an adult are all attitudes that kids today are bombarded with.  These twin brothers want to shatter those myths.  A great read for tweens, teens and adults.  You can also check out their blog The Rebelution.

2/09 ~ I just read a book that was recommended by a stranger on another blog.  It’s called Chasing Fireflies and it’s by Charles Martin.  He has several books, but I haven’t read any of them – yet.  I intend to after reading this one.  This one is set near Brunswick, Georgia and contains lots of references to places I’m familiar with, like the Varsity and Turner Field.  I enjoyed that. There’s also a mystery thrown in there to keep you turning the pages.

Most of all, I enjoyed the rich characters and their struggle to come to terms with things that have happened in their lives.  The main focus is the relationship between fathers and sons and how when absent, it leaves a dad-sized hole in a boy and remains there when he becomes a man.  And even though he doesn’t really describe his characters physical appearances, you can easily see them in your minds eye.  They come to life with their quirky personalities and penchant for rattling off silly, but meaningful phrases, as in the case of Uncle Willee.

I laughed out loud and even got a little teary in a few places.  I definitely recommend it and I’m done with mine if you’d like to borrow it…  (TWS)

11/08 ~ I’m reading Mary Higgins Clark’s Dashing Through the Snow. It’s a light and fun read.  I always enjoy a little Christmas mystery 🙂 TWS

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  1. Love it Kerri! The way you have categorized your thoughts is great. On my nightstand, on my iPod, the dog bowl reference…


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