Linkin’ log

More souvenirs from this weeks web travels…

To ponder:

Be Light – thought this was timely since we are talking about this at church.

Why Memorize Scripture – challenging with tons of resources – simply FANTASTIC

Holiday Helps:

Holiday Gift Guide – Metropolitan Mama is doing her holiday gift guide for the next week.  Check it out for some less commercial ideas.

Holidays and breaking the rules – my friend at Hodgepodgemom has some fun ideas for the holidays

Holiday Cruising: with the FlyLady – great ideas for getting the work done early so you can really enjoy the season.

To inspire:

$30,000 in 18 hours – the readers at Stuff Christians Like donated $30,000 in 18 hours to build a kindergarten in Vietnam.  Now they are working on building a second one.  Awesome use of blog influence!

Linkin’ Log

Here are a few souvenirs from my recent web travels:

To ponder:

For Such a time as this for mommas

Courtship in the 24/7 era for teens, singles and parents of teens

Watching the wrong movies not what you think it’s about!

For laughs:

Rooting for Tim Tebow – laughed out loud at this!

For your consideration:

“V” …has anyone else considered this? – I wasn’t going to give this show a try until I read this.  The parallels intrigued me enough to try it out.  What about you?

To mark on your calendar:

Raising Kids to do Hard Things – they’re coming to Atlanta in 2010!

What’s for dinner? Part 2 -purchasing BONUS edition

I am over at Habits today, talking about purchasing your groceries.  I promised some links and tips here:

coupons 013

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Can’t get past the evidence

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

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Love Handles

Even though several people have already posted a link to this, I thought, why not post another?  You can’t get too much of it 🙂  After all, that’s MY man (or should I say, love machine?)!  And whether your marriage is great, you need a little help, or are really struggling, come check out this new series at Church @ the Ridge :

Favorite cookbooks

Earlier in the week I blogged about menu-planning on Habits for a Happy Home. One indispensible tool of coming up with a menu is, of course, cookbooks.  I’ll admit that there are weeks when I don’t crack open a single cookbook to plan. I just stick to tried and true favorites that I know by heart.  However, that can get a little dull and I find that I need some inspiration.  Sometimes, I just like looking a the beautiful pictures 🙂


Another source for recipes that has become very popular is the web.  Who doesn’t love just typing in what you want to make and coming up with several options.

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What’s for Dinner? Part One – Planning

I’m over at Habits for a Happy Home today, so pull up a chair and join me, won’t ya?